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About us

 Revive is a movement that is has been birthed out of a collective group of followers of Jesus who share a common passion. That passion is to grow in deeper intimacy with God, to know and share the love of Jesus, and to experience the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit as explained in the Bible. We are a grass roots Church grounded in strong Biblical truths, empowered by and operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We as a Church desire to be well educated and informed on scripture and well grounded in Biblical theology while at the same time pursuing the supernatural things of God (ie. Miracles, signs and wonders). We desire to be a well for the thirsty, not just a Church as usual or something to be merely observed but to be an experience that we can all be a part of. We believe that all of us has an important role to fulfill as the body of Christ which is to prepare the Church for the return of our savior. We are here to revive the weary soul, reunite the lost with their savior, bring healing to the broken, and train and equip the saints to live out their kingdom calling.

If you are tired of Church as usual, and legalistic religion, if you feel uninspired and are in need of something new and different, then come and hang out with us. We are all about getting back in touch with the roots of the Bible, connecting with Jesus on deeper levels, and enjoying the Holy Spirit. Come in your jeans and a t-shirt or if you're more comfortable in your Sunday best. We want to get to know you.

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